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New York Times -

How to Improve Heart Health After Covid

“The vast majority of the time, these symptoms ranging from palpitations to lightheadedness resolve within six months of treatment."

Michigan Medicine Health Lab -

Post COVID-19 (Long COVID-19)

Detroit Free Press -

Michigan Medicine Opens Clinic

Michigan Medicine Headline -

Adult and Pediatric COVID-19 Long Haul Clinic

American Association for the Advancement of Science EurekAlert -

Cardiac arrest is common in critically ill patients with COVID-19

New England Journal of Medicine Journal Watch -

COVID19: Cardiac Arrest Outcomes

Michigan Medicine Health Lab -

Cardiac Arrest, Poor Survival Rates Common in Sickest Patients with COVID-19

American Association for the Advancement of Science -

Researchers reveal target in acute kidney injury prevention

U of M Cardiovascular Center News -

Frankel CVC Members Active at ACC18