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DataDirect super user information

For UMich users - watch the Zoom video of the conversation Data Office Director Erin Kaleba had with Salim Hayek, M.D., a DataDirect "super user" who is working at the intersection of cardiovascular disease, biomarkers, technology, and risk prediction. 

American Heart Association - 

Not simply heart disease: These 3 factors put COVID patients at higher risk

"According to Dr. Salim Hayek, higher mortality rates are more closely tied to the patient’s age and whether they are a smoker or are diabetic."

Michigan Health Lab

Immune marker suPAR high in patients with heart failure, predicts risk and death

"The ability to predict risk was even greater when combined with traditional measures of cardiac stress such as BNP."

American Heart Association - 

Heart risk factors, not heart disease itself, may increase odds of COVID-19 death

"The results suggest the increased risk of death among heart disease patients studied is less that they have plaque-lined arteries, and more that they have risk factors contributing to COVID-19's hyperinflammation"

New York Times -

How to Improve Heart Health After Covid

“The vast majority of the time, these symptoms ranging from palpitations to lightheadedness resolve within six months of treatment." 

Michigan Medicine Health Lab -

Post COVID-19 (Long COVID-19)

Detroit Free Press -

Michigan Medicine Opens Clinic

Michigan Medicine Headline - 

Adult and Pediatric COVID-19 Long Haul Clinic

American Association for the Advancement of Science EurekAlert - 

Cardiac arrest is common in critically ill patients with COVID-19

New England Journal of Medicine Journal Watch - 

COVID19: Cardiac Arrest Outcomes

Michigan Medicine Health Lab - 

Cardiac Arrest, Poor Survival Rates Common in Sickest Patients with COVID-19

 American Association for the Advancement of Science - 

Researchers reveal target in acute kidney injury prevention

 Renal & Urology News - 

Acute Kidney Injury Tied to High suPAR

U of M Cardiovascular Center News - 

Frankel CVC Members Active at ACC18